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  • 174 | An autumn Sunday

    [This post contains sponsored items – find more info in the outfit details] Okay, it’s been a while. The last…

    / 17. October 2017
  • #118 // Darker shades

    OUTFIT. I am not a huge fan of all black outfits – at least not for me. Maybe my dark hair makes it…

    / 27. October 2014
  • #117 // This is autumn

    OUTFIT. This scenery is exactly what always traps us into thinking of autumn as a season full of magic: pretty leaves in…

    / 22. October 2014
  • #115 // Something old

    OUTFIT. Okay, that Warehouse backpack again… This time clearly visible and without any unwanted blurry effect! I’m really proud 🙂 I wore this…

    / 15. October 2014