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Friday Five – with Sloris, Sophisticated Sisters, Jyoti – Fair Works, Just swap it & Make it last

Soooo, it’s December and my Friday Five are in Christmas mode as well 🙂 This weekend’s inspirations come among others from Wiebke from Sloris, Emma from Make it Last and Eva from Sophisticated Sisters. Here you are:

I’m selfishly starting off with a piece that’s on top of my wishlist – the strikingly simple Harish shirt by Jyoti Fair Works. I’m not just a huge fan of it’s easy going look but I’m also loving the brand behind it: Jyoti is a supreme example when it comes to transparency. You can reproduce every single production step on their website which gives you a great understanding of where your clothes really come from.

What would Christmas be without sweet treats? Right – Eva from Sophisticated Sisters has got you covered with a delicious recipe for vegan pecan nut slices.

Wiebke from Sloris is ready for the holiday season, at least that’s what her latest outfit idea is telling me. I’d love to borrow this beautiful ensemble because it’s much too nice to wear it only for Christmas.

Despite my major decoration weariness there’s one thing I’d love to have in our apartment: A simple wreath, just like the one Emma from Make it Last has above her kitchen table. Maybe I’ll DIY something during the next days 😉

Oh, and here’s – as I promised you in my last Friday Five – a piece of good news: Throwaway cups for coffee are slowly becoming history. The bloggers from Viertel/Vor have summed up initiatives around reusable coffee to go cups on their Facebook page: There’s currently a pilot (Just swap it) running in some Berlin coffeeshops and Freiburg is taking the problem even more serious. I like!


Have a great weekend!


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