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For ever and ever: Capsule Wardrobe with Elsien Gringhuis, Grüne Erde, Armedangels, ekn & Lanius

Trends are kind of stupid. Stupid for your purse, stupid for your self esteem and stupid for the environment as well. But trends become really really stupid when they’re not the result of a certain amount of people sharing the same taste but are made up by fashion houses. I used to write a lot about trends here on the blog – and what else should you cover when your blog is based on your ever-changing closet? I wrote about sporty chic, single earrings and high heels but always preferred to wear jeans and a shirt.

Is fashion really re-inventing itself steadily?

I’ve become pretty untrendy in the meantime. But somehow I have the feeling that most people can’t really tell because when I explain to somebody that a considerable amount of my clothes is second hand and not exactly new, I earn startled looks. How can that be – isn’t the fashion world steadily changing? I don’t think so. Except from the fact that waistlines rise and fall, nothing big is happening – not counting in trend colors that are proclaimed every few months. After all, you won’t be looked at for wearing skinny jeans, even if the trend is said to have ended some years ago.

What I find interesting is that fashion magazines always praise French women for their great style, the French chic, which actually means that you don’t buy things covered in sequins but invest in timeless shirts and pants. In a way, the French wardrobe (or capsule wardrobe) is the mother of all slow fashion efforts: Buy once, wear long.

And how do you find these pieces? I’ve got some ideas for you above.


Blouson: Elsien Gringhuis | Schal: Aiayu | Kleid: Lanius | Ohrstecker: Inger Studio| Mantel: Svilu | Bluse: Armedangels | Turnschuhe: ekn | Hose: Grüne Erde

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