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Attention, plant lovers: You’ll love these 7 things

YES! Finally – finally!! – it’s happening: The days are getting longer and that special spring smell lies in the air. Call me crazy but I can sense it even in the middle Berlin 😉 To celebrate this beautiful time, I’ve decided for a post today that’s just right for all plant lovers (and everyone who isn’t as good with their green roommates).

The plant trend has been around for quite a while now and I don’t see it going anywhere soon. To be honest: I’m not at all over all the greens in my apartment and will be probably seen sporting some plant motifs this summer. Are you in? (For the rather cautious ones I’ve also included some interior options ;))


Dress by hessnatur, 100% organic cotton | Ceramic plant pots by Noemarin, handmade in Spain | Plant print by What I see when I run | Printed Organic cotton fabric by Spoonflower | Monstera necklace  by The Good Store | Natural deodorant by Eskay | Succulent pin by Luckyhorsepress 


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