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A revolution starts small.


When I tell people about my blogging hobby (which is more like a second profession) I usually get one of the following reactions: an appreciative nod or a mischievous smile accompanied by arched eyebrows. While group one is happy that somebody at least tries to save the world, group two already has filed me under annoying whale friend, but somehow feels bad about spending Saturdays at H&M.

I’m fine with both because it results in the same thing: We all know that there are a few many things going wrong in the fashion industry. We all have seen the photos of the collapsing factory building in Bangladesh and we all are aware of the bad working conditions of seamsters, dyers and tanners. But only few of us take action.

In my opinion, everyone of us has to take responsibility for their shopping behavior. Of course it is not easy to always do the right thing with every single purchase but especially in fashion, there have been many great changes during the last years. And this is what I cover here on at/least 🙂 Sometimes I show my own outfits and inspirations, then I interview designers or introduce you to new fair fashion labels. Oh, and I’m also talking about my passion for food now and then.

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