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8 places to shop for your minimalist wardrobe

On the hunt for the perfect timeless wardrobe there’s one buzzword that you just can’t ignore: minimalism. This doesn’t only concern the amount of clothing you own but their style as well – think colors, patterns and cuts. Minimalist designs are real evergreens and promise to last you longer as they won’t be out of fashion as quick. But where to shop best for your minimalist wardrobe – and then the fair and sustainable way? I’ve collected some tips for you…



kowtow2New Zealand hasn’t been my first thought when it came to fashion – at least until I got to know KowTow. For several seasons the brand has been wowing the fair fashion community with it’s cool basics that are actually a little too special to be called that. Next to the building blocks – down to earth staples for every occasion – KowTow also stocks new prints every season.

Sustainability Facts

Production country: India
Materials: organic cotton
Vegan: yes
More about KowTow and sustainability



Dcember Bags

dcember-bags-1“Small change, big effect” was probably what Florien Ménard had in mind when she founded Dcember Bags, a label with a system that’s pretty ingenious: The look of the different bags can be changed through a selection of add-on accessories. There’s leather and canvas bags available as foundations.

Sustainability Facts

Production country: Italy
Materials: vegetable tanned leather, cotton canvas
Vegan: no
More about Dcember Bags and sustainability



Know the Origin

knot-the-origin-dressKnow the Origin is a relatively new brand that stocks a selection of basics. Clear cuts and a neutral color palette make them easy to combine. The pretty affordable pieces are all made in India – there’s an option on the website of the label that let’s you track every single step in the production of the clothes. YAY, transparency!

Sustainability Facts

Production country: India
Materials: organic cotton
Vegan: yes
More about Know the Origin and sustainability




zady-skirtWhat can I say? Emma Watson loves this New York based brand – and she surely knows best. It’s been Miss Watson after all who starred a People Tree campaign long before I even thought about fair fashion. And now Zady. Understatement rules here but it’s made really interesting through beautiful details (look at that slit on the pencil skirt!). I wouldn’t mind having two or three pieces in my wardrobe – I’m eyeing on the cigarette pants.

Sustainability Facts

Production country: USA
Materials: silk, linen, wool (mulesing free), organic cotton
Vegan: partly
More about Zady and sustainability





Erlich loves to make beautiful underwear. With their idea to create timeless intimates without any nick-nack, founders Sarah and Benjamin have surely made the right step at the right time. Erlich now stocks everything from bralettes to string bodies – and there’s also a range for the gents. The garments are produced according to the GOTS in Germany and Romania.

Sustainability Facts

Production country: Germany, Romania
Materials: Modal, organic cotton
Vegan: yes
More about Erlich and sustainability



Kings of Indigo

kings-of-indigoYou can’t just leave out this classic when talking about minimalism: the jeans. Kings of Indigo stock a nice selection of different cuts and colors – but they also have cool shirts (see photo ;)), knitwear, skirts and dresses.

Sustainability Facts

Production country: Tunisia
Materials: Organic cotton, tencel, unfortunately quite a bit polyester too
Vegan: partly – jeans do have a leather patch
More about Kings of Indigo and sustainability




thisispaper05_bw_03aI’m not spending my summer vacation this year for nothing in Poland: There’s more and more cool labels coming from the neighbor country that I didn’t know was this hip until some time ago. But I’ve been actually loving Thisispaper‘s work for about two years and have finally decided to go for their Trapeze Tote. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands!

Sustainability Facts

Production country: Poland
Materials: Cotton, vegetable tanned leather, linen
Vegan: partly
More about This is Paper and sustainability




notperfectlinenYes, I did put not PERFECT LINEN into this post again. I just love the tops from the last outfit post too much to not mention the Lithuanian brand again. Their jumpsuit is not bad either by the way – maybe something to add to the shopping list for warmer days?

Sustainability Facts

Production country: Lithuania
Materials: Linen
Vegan: yes
More about not PERFECT LINEN and sustainability




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