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7×7 Challenge: 7 Pieces, 7 Outfits – Summer Edition

It’s that time again: A new 10×10 Challenge is about to start and I’m excited for the summer edition – even if it’s going to be a little narrowed down for me this time. We’re preparing our move here at casa at least and it’s only a couple of days to go until we bring our belongings to our new place. That’s why I’ve decided to save some time and turn this 10×10 challenge into a 7×7 challenge. So watch out for seven days of outfit inspiration!


7×7 Challenge – my choices

I didn’t have any trouble choosing pieces for this mini capsule wardrobe challenge. Funny enough it’s been the shoes that I didn’t want to compromise on so I’ve kept it at two pairs of shoes and five pieces of clothing:


  • black top with lace detail
  • white blouse with short sleeves
  • black linen vest


  • blue mom jeans
  • wrap skirt with pattern


  • tan sandals
  • black pumps



Want to join the challenge?

You’re in for the 10×10 challenge (or my version with only seven pieces)? Read Lee’s post on and tag your outfits with #SUMMER10x10 or #SUMMER7x7 🙂


We’ll start tomorrow – I’m looking forward to it!

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