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168 | Bits and bows

It’s a little school-girlish, this outfit. Nevertheless (or because of that?) I love this tone-in-tone layering look big time as it combines my favorite coat, a grown-up bow and a very special DIY piece

Maybe you’ve seen on my Instagram stories how I transformed a worn-out silk blouse into a new top: I cut off the sleeves and seamed them with black bias tape. I also added a black ribbon that can be tied. Long story short: Although this DIY is as simple as it can get, I’m pretty proud that I’ve turned something that was destined to be thrown away into a new piece of clothing that I love to wear now. I especially like the bow (of course) because it’s a cool version for grown-ups.

‘Ca-ching!’ was what I thought by the way when I found this perfect short-sleeved cashmere sweater in a second hand store. The material is soooo soft and it actually looks like it’s never been worn before. It’s perfect for layering looks now and will be even better in my spring styles.

Maybe you’ve already noticed: I’m wearing that pair of jeans again. If you’re regularly stopping by at least you’ve seen it around a couple of times. Nothing bad with that but it’s also a result of the fact that I can’t seem to find a proper pair of black cigarette pants. If you see one that’s manufactured fair and doesn’t sit in the waist, let me know!



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