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//Shopping: Wardrobe investments


SHOPPING. If someone would have told me two years ago that I was going to crave (I mean really, really bad carving with an actual buying intention) for a scarf that costs 130 Euro, I would have declared them crazy. But I do now and as I grow older, I recognize how worthless most of the bargains I have made in the past are. The other day when I stood by a rack of reduced clothing holding a skirt/trousers/I don’t remember I thought to myself “When you stand in front of your closet in the morning, all clothes are created equal ( 😀 ) – you never care how much they costed but only how good you feel in them.” I am not trying to make shopping a whole philosophy, but people: It is.

While I have a certain number of pieces to choose from, I always gravitate towards the same things that make me feel comfortable. How often I wear something actually depends a lot on its quality. I never grab that itchy H&M-sweater that costed me 5 Euro on sale but a soft one that flatters me – same for that acrylic blouse that always sticks to my body (I-hate-that!). Therefore I have decided to finally ditch my bad shopping habits and to save for the things that I really like. Five piece French wardrobe style, you know? Some suggestions on wardrobe investments:


1. The boots


Number one wish list item for everybody who works in fashion, wants to work in fashion or has ever been browsing a fashion magazine: Acne Pistol boots. Perfect heels, perfect height, perfect leather. This is the shoe you wear for years and take to the shoemaker like it was your wounded child if the sole is worn down. Urgent need – in black, please!


2. The coat


As a girl, you need to have that coat that makes you wait for summer to be over. The one that you happily pull out of your closet when the first leaf touches the ground and that brings you warm through winter. Supposedly this one is black or dark grey – I like this model by COS but I’m not sure if it’s warm enough…


3. The scarf


I guess we all know what I’m talking about. I w-a-n-t that scarf. So bad that I’ve even sneaked into an Acne store to touch it. Yes, just to touch it. That’s crazy but I fell in love even harder – this will be my next big investment.


4. The bag


No news here, you hear that “statement bag”-preach from every one who gives outfit advice and while I used to ignore it, I now feel that a well made bag can do a lot for you – and your look. It should be a versatile one that’s worth the investment, because after this purchase you’re probably not shopping for one for a looong time 😉

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  • Den Acne Schal hätte ich auch noch so gerne in grau 🙂 Tolle Zusammenstellung. Ich versuche auch drauf zu achten lieber in richtig gute Sachen zu investieren um dann lange Freude an den Dingen zu haben 🙂 Klappt nicht immer, aber bei Taschen und Schuhen wirds besser 😀 Liebe Grüße, Fiona

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