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//Shopping: Finding the right bra


SHOPPING. Finding the right bra, that completely fits you and your needs can be a huge journey. While you might think that I am exaggerating (as usual 😉 ) this is really a big deal for me: Ever since my first bra (YAYYY! Puberty…) I’ve been on a constant hunt for the holy grail of bras – the perfect synergy of good looks and the best possible support. Over the years this has developed into a little (BIG.) problem, as my size is rather, ummm, unavailable in most stores. Having a larger chest with a small frame might be a dream for some women but it isn’t really for me. Especially not, when I’m bra shopping. Anyways, here’s what I’ve learnt during the last years 🙂


Bad fit shouldn’t be an option for you and following these steps makes your search a lot easier:
1. Measure yourself! Please! You might be pretty surprised about your real size. Use this guide for assistance.
2. When trying a bra, look for these things: Neither band nor straps should dig in or be too loose, the cups should be evenly filled without spilling or wrinkling.
3. Move while fitting. Yes, I do jump around a few times in the changing room. It does look stupid but it lets you see whether everything stays in its place 😉
4. Buy a bra with a band that doesn’t dig in, but don’t choose for one that you already have to close at the inner hooks. Bras tend to widen, so choose one that lets you adjust the band a little more.
5. Trust your feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, constrained or not given enough support in any way don’t buy it (that’s not only my advice on bras, though…)

So, after my little lecture on bra sizes, I have some fun stuff prepared too 🙂 In collaboration with Sister Surprise I’ve selected my favorite bras for girls with a heavy top.

1. The basic bra


This is the one you should definitely have in your drawer. It goes well under shirts without leaving any marks. I used to not own as many of them as I felt they made everything even bigger. This model however is not padded this much. Find it here!

2. The retro one


Yes, this one is arguable. It might have a little grandma-vibe in the flatlay to it, but once worn it looks actually really nice. It’s also the right thing to wear under a heavy knit. Find it here!

3. The playful piece


I think this is my favorite one 🙂 Not only because the lace trim perfectly coordinates with the Topshop socks I got for my birthday, but also because it feels perfectly nice on my skin and shapes beautifully. Find it here!

The bras for this post were sponsored by Sister Surprise but all text, pictures and opinions are my own. 

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  • What a nice guide to bra shopping. Need this! Love the way you write! Here’s my link… Hope you visit!

    Defining Me

    • Lisa_atleast

      Thanks so much for your appreciation, Ayesha 🙂

  • it is a BIG problem! Off to measure myself! 😉
    – Katharina

    • Lisa_atleast

      Haha, viel Erfolg 😉

  • Angelica P

    I thought this was a really great post – I don’t think people realise how normal it is to find bras and bra shopping a bit bewildering and difficult sometimes. All your pointers are really helpful and I liked the three kinds of bras you showed (my preference is – and it surprised me – the “retro kind”) x

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    • Lisa_atleast

      Yes, it is, right? Only because a store doesn’t have your size, this doesn’t mean that you must wear what they have in stock 🙂
      The retro one is really comfy indeed and it doesn’t look bad worn either…

  • Anoushka

    It’s so difficult, whenever I get measure they tell me something different! Loving the pretty vintage lacey bra 🙂

    Anoushka Probyn – A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog