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    Insta Inspo: 7 Fair Fashion and Minimalism Accounts to follow

    I like Instagram. Really. But it can be a little exhausting sometimes – finding the balance between aesthetics and too much perfectionism is quite hard. That’s why I want to introduce you to seven of my favorite Instagram accounts with under 3K Followers today. All of these ladies manage to inspire me with their beautiful pictures and honest thoughts day by day.

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    Upcycling idea: How to make a summer skirt from a dress

    In today’s upcycling DIY post I’m going to show you how to make something new from something old – in less than thirty minutes. I’ll explain how you can turn a dress into a super comfy skirt and even change it’s look with the help of small details.

    I am a sucker for fabric scraps – as you might know. I’ve got a whole bunch of them stored in a bag just waiting for their big moment. Every now and then I want to get rid of the bag and start a new sewing project – although this is mostly not making it so much more empty (obviously ;)).

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    Summer wish list 2017: Five Pieces I want to buy this season

    Okay, it’s May and it rains all the time here in Berlin. I’m not sure whether this is going to be a real summer so I’m trying to be prepared for everything. Luckily my wish list for the coming months is full of options that can be worn with different temperatures.

    I’ve explained in the last post why I’ve started writing wish lists and today I want to show you what’s exactly on mine – I’ve also got some tips prepared to write your own, so let’s do this!


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    How I save money to afford fair fashion (and other things)

    “Sorry, but this is just too expensive for me” is what I regularly hear when I talk about fair fashion with others. I’ll just let this stand for itself and explain instead why I can afford fair fashion. Spoiler: It’s not because I’m rich.

    To begin with, I’m not – against all expectations 😉 – making loads of money with blogging. In fact, a pretty normal part time job is paying my bills. I earned considerably more money some time ago until it became clear to me that I value time over money.*** That said, I don’t have a huge income, I actually make less than most of the people I know. Nevertheless I can afford fair fashion – mostly because I choose to. It has taken me some time and adjustments but it hasn’t been a huge problem. It just takes some more preparation. Today I want to share with you how I save money to spend on ethical fashion (and of course on other things ;)).


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