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    7 ethical fashion Etsy shops you’ll love

    I’ve got a little love-hate relationship with Etsy. I love finding great products over there but at the same time it can be nerve-recking to scroll through endless numbers of pages on the search for the good stuff. That’s why I’ve kind of avoided to visit Etsy without exactly knowing what I want – can’t there be a declutter-button filtering out all the good things?

    Spoiler: There’s still not a button like this. Nevertheless I was really sorry for all the makers and their beautiful little shops so I went out there and just scrolled like a crazy person. And I found something! Or seven things to be exact. Here’s my favorite Etsy shops selling ethical fashion. You’re welcome!

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    1 Piece, 2 Ways: The vest dress

    I’ve got a thing for functional clothing – and I don’t mean rain coats with that. I refer to practical clothing: Everything that can be folded really, really small or pieces that can be worn more than one way. One thing that seems to be quite present these days is the vest dress. I’ve already spotted it at Jan ‘n JuneP.i.C. and j.jackman: No doubt, the vest dress has become a trend item. It’s no wonder that especially fair fashion labels are embracing this design. The numerous ways to wear it make it a piece that lasts longer than just a season. It’s perfect for layered looks in winter and as a stand-alone in spring or summer. Plus: It also makes a great piece to take on vacation!  Continue reading…

    Lee Vosburgh: The Style Bee Blogger reveals her No. 1 shopping destinations

    I’ve invited someone really special over for today’s blog post: A warm welcome to Style Bee’s Lee Vosburgh! I thinks there’s only few people who manage to get me as excited about their Instagram posts as she does. The mastermind behind the 10X10 wardrobe challenge is one of my favorite wardrobe inspirations, so it comes quite naturally that she had to appear on at least one day or another.

    What I really want to know: How does she manage to always look so good? Where does she shop her beautifully curated wardrobe? I’ve asked her for you (and me) and also got the footage from her lastest 10X10 challenge!

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