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Friday Five – with Stryletz, People Tree, Subvoyage, Bedre Mode & World Economic Forum

Today’s issue of my Friday Five contains something different: one piece of good news. Looking at what’s happening in the world right now can make you slightly depressive. But I think if the worst things (yes, I’m talking about Donald Trump right now) are possible, good things must be somewhere out there as well. Therefore I’ll present you one good news in my Friday Five from now on 🙂

Let’s start with the Seasons Are So Yesterday collaboration the girls of the fair fashion squad and I have initiated. Kunstkinder Mag, Stellamina, Justine kept calm and went vegan, Nicetohave Mag and I have already posted our outfits, Subvoyage, Sloris and Jäckle und Hösle will follow during the next days. Bina from Stryletz posted the first look on Monday and I liked it. A lot! She re-styled her summer jumpsuit in a completely black layered look – see it here.

Did you already discover People Tree’s crowdfunding campaign? The British label is dipping its feet into tencel as a sustainable material – you can support their efforts here.

Christmas is undoubtedly the season of (unnecessary) consumerism. If you want to slow down a little and are looking for festive decorations nevertheless, I recommend checking out Subvoyage’s advent wreath DIYs.

Dane Joanna from Bedre Mode has collected tips on how to say bye bye to your old clothing in an environmentally friendly way. You can find her recommendations in this post.

And now to the good news: The Swedish government is supporting repairs by law! The swedes are encouraged to buy high quality goods and let them repair if necessary through tax breaks. Read more on World Economic Forum.


Have a great weekend!



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