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Fair Fashion Shopping Guide: Where to Find Sustainable Clothing


Great, that you’ve found your way here! So, you’re interested in fair fashion, sustainable shopping alternatives and want to cold-shoulder fast fashion giants? Then you’re at the right place 🙂 I’ll introduce you to the best places for an eco-shopping experience that won’t let you miss anything – besides fishy business practices maybe…


Fair Fashion Labels
These brands are specialized in eco fashion that does good and looks good.

Fair Fashion Online
The next store selling fair alternatives is 100 kilometers away? No problem, these pages offer you an online shopping spree 😉

Fair Basics
Easy as that: Start your fair fashion journey with some sustainable basics that are made for example from cotton or tencel.

Fair Jeans
Sustainable denim? It’s possible! Regarding the fact that jeans is using resources like no other piece of clothing, you should definitely shop for alternatives – and then wear it until it falls apart 😉

Fair Shoes
Fair shoes always pose one question: leather or not? While you should definitely not wear conventional leather products (which are mostly tanned with chrome compounds), there are also some good alternatives made of kork, cotton or even pineapple. Think twice before buying new shoes and look for quality and longevity!

Fair Bags und Accessories
“A woman can never have too many shoes and bags.” Umm, yes she can! When looking out for new ways to carry your belongings with you, keep an eye out for well crafted items – this will save you money and space in your closet 😉

Faire Underwear, Socks and Swimwear
You’ll want something fashionable underneath as well of course! Luckily more and more brands are helping you to find sustainable underwear, socks and swimwear 🙂



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