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//Eating in Gdansk: Nova Pierogova

FOOD. I know, I have been talking a lot about Gdansk in the last days, but before I am ready to finally put my Poland adventure into that huge box of beautiful memories in my mind, I want to introduce you to a very sweet place. Nova Pierogova is where we had the b-e-s-t pierogi on our trip – Paulina of Kapuczina didn’t exaggerate when she said you couldn’t find better ones in Gdansk. At Nova Pierogova, they don’t only have hearty pierogi but also a selection of sweet ones, which I obviously couldn’t resist. It’s such a nice place with great food (even the starter – bread with garlic and parmesan cheese – was heavenly) that you shouldn’t miss out on if you’re ever in Gdansk. My recommendation are the sweet pierogi with quark cheese, honey and walnuts 😉

You can find Nova Pierogova here: Szafarnia 6, 80-755 Gdansk

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