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blogspiration nathalie kemna the fashion cuisine donkeycool


blogspiration nathalie kemna the fashion cuisine donkeycool
INSPIRATION. Well, well… looks like we’re having a little brunette edition in today’s blogspiration post. Never mind, it’s my favourite hair colour anyways 😀 (Just joking.) Let me introduce you to these stylish ladies:

When I came across Nathalie Kemna’s eponymous blog, I just felt the need to follow her immediately. Not only because of her cool outfits but also because she’s such a friendly looking girl 😉 (Note: I really like smiling fashion bloggers. That’s why I force myself to smile in outfit posts from time to time. Even though I think it looks a bit weird…)

I’ve been reading Patricia’s blog Donkeycool for quite a while now and I must say that I fell in love with her Spanish chic head over heels. I love her style for never being overdone or too dramatic – it’s just good taste in its most original sense. Thumbs up!

Dreamy pictures, feminine looks and a perfectly executed eyelid line: That’s Beatrice, the girl behind The Fashion Cuisine. I admit: I can’t stop being jealous on her outfits. And my envy gets fed by her Instagram account every day 😀

That’s it for now. I’ll go out and enjoy my Friday off 😉

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