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solo earring autumn trend 2014

//Trending: The solo earring

solo earring autumn trend 2014

SHOPPING. This autumn everything is about ridin’ solo. Sorry for this corny Jason-Derulo-reference but the solo earring is definitely a thing. If you’re still wearing two, you should get rid of one. NOW. And give it to a friend – because sharing is caring 😉 Okay, jokes aside: I think I’m going to do this! When I saw Vienna Wedekinds beautiful picture on Instagram, I knew I had to.

I know, right?! Isn’t this accessory trend the perfect mix of amazonian babe and haute punk? Totally me. In the future at least 😀 Excuse me while I need to check for suitable earrings in my jewelry box. Or I’ll just go for one of the beauties above 😉

Shop them here (from left to right): Zara (big picture)Maria BlackH&MTopshopTopshopNasty Gal

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