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A merry sustainable Christmas: How to make your Holidays eco-friendly

Most people like Christmas – I do too. I love how everything is decorated, I love the food and I love spending time with my beloved ones. What I don’t like about Christmas is the infinite amout of garbage nobody needs. I get sick from walking over a Christmas market seeing all the useless plastic gifts, the annoying music and the bratwurst piles. Not very christmas-y right?

That’s why I’ve taken a step back last year and didn’t wish for anything to start a more sustainable holiday habit – this year I’ll hope to get only small presents. Is that ruining the festive mood? I don’t think so: Why don’t we all make ourselves a gift this Christmas and get rid of the eternal Christmas stress? Here’s four great tips for you to celebrate a minimalist – and eco friendly – holiday season!


Sustainable decoration ideas

There’s people owning boxes of Christmas decoration and still buying new things every single year. I’ve settled with a small set of Christmas baubles that I hang onto branches in December. Decoration done. Of course everybody should decide on their own how much decoration they need 😉 – but contemplate whether you must have something new before buying. Maybe you can even swap decorations with friends and family for a change?

Less Christmas presents

This might be hard depending on what role Christmas presents play for you. Talk to friends and family about having less gifts this year and whether they would be willing to give it a go. You can create a list with items you would be really happy to receive as well – this makes finding the right gift for you a lot easier. I also introduced you to nice DIY-gift ideas in this post.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping

Reusable ribbons, fabric gift wrappings or wrapping paper made from old newspapers – these are small things with huge impact. Christmas is after all a time with LOTS of unnecessary waste.

Vegan or vegetarian Christmas dinner

No roast for Christmas? If you’re a meat eater you might be rolling your eyes by now. Unfortunately though, factory farming is still one of the biggest environmental issues of our time. Make yourself, the animals and the planet a gift this holiday season and try a meatless menue – you can find ideas on my Pinterest board 🙂 Pros can try a vegan version as well!


Do you have more tips for a sustainable christmas season? Let me know!


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  • Bina Nöhr

    Find ich super, dass du dir Gedanken um ein nachhaltigeres Weihnachtsfest machst. Daran sollten sich mehr Leute ein Beispiel nehmen. Ich hoffe, bei uns artet es nicht in einer Geschenkeschlacht aus – jetzt wo meine Eltern zwei Enkelkinder haben…

    Liebst, Bina


  • Jana Worte

    Da sind tolle Ideen dabei! Gerade Zeitungspapier als Geschenkpapier zu benutzen, finde ich super. Sieht auch richtig gut aus, finde ich!
    Statt tausenden bunten Weihnachtslichtern kann man auch einfach Kerzen benutzen – die gibt sogar vegan. Hab hier letztens einen tollen Blogbeitrag dazu gelesen:

  • Vanilla Holica

    Super Tipps !
    Eigentlich sind sie ja voll offensichtlich, aber wenn man mal genau darüber nachdenkt, kann man selbst als nicht Veggie oder Umweltfreak ohne auf irgendetwas verzichten zu müssen, umweltfreundlicheRE Weihnachten haben 🙂

    Toller Post, Lisa 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

    Vivi <3

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