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#159 | L’armoire d’Amélie Poulain

OUTFIT. I admit: I have a huge thing for well-made clothing. I just love to look at the seams and to know that the person making it took time (or better: was given the time) to create something that lasts longer than two wash cycles. Since I’ve begun to sew myself again, I also put more effort into the interior of my clothing. (The last thing I made is actually the slip dress I’m wearing in this post.)

Why I am telling you this? Because I’ve discovered something new: During a mother-and-daughter-shopping-spree a few weeks ago, my mum and I came across a small store in Berlin Mitte that only had a few pieces of clothing to sell. From the outside it seemed as if Amélie Poulain herself was hosting a yard sale and that’s why I had to go inside. I immediately was drawn towards a black plaid skirt, which – like all plaid skirts on this planet – did not return my love. But a few hangers further, something else was waiting already for me. 30 minutes later, it accompanied us outside, covered in wrapping tissue: The Linde dress.

The store we went to – Wolfen Germany – only sells high-quality clothing that is entirely made in Germany (!) from natural fibers (!!) and with timeless designs (!!!). The label lives up to my soft spot for beautiful seams as well: The sapphire blue Linde dress is made with short stitches and French seams – it would actually deserve to be worn inside out for that matter…

wolfen-germany-kleid-ahimsa-sandalen-3wolfen-germany-kleid-ahimsa-sandalen-8 wolfen-germany-kleid-ahimsa-sandalen-7wolfen-germany-kleid-ahimsa-sandalen-6 wolfen-germany-kleid-ahimsa-sandalen-5  wolfen-germany-kleid-ahimsa-sandalen

outfit details:
dress by Wolfen Germany | slip dress worn underneath made by me | second hand bag | sandals by Ahimsa | old necklaces | second hand silk scarf worn as belt 

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