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#116 // Looks like London

OUTFIT. Don’t you think that the scenery in this outfit post looks a little British? I’d love to say that these pictures were taken in the streets of London but it actually was in the middle of Hamburg. In order to spread a little LDN-feel anyways, I chose to wear my animal print jacket, rubber boots from Zara and an orange clutch bag for a pop of color.

Something else: I must say that I have really come to appreciate the magic of red lipstick during the last weeks. It’s the perfect thing to wear if you’re having a slightly uninspired outfit day… it distracts a little from that grey everyday-uniform my half-sleepy morning-me chooses to wear sometimes 😉


jacket: H&M – pants: H&M – boots: Zara – clutch: Six – earrings: Topshop

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