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#115 // Something old


OUTFIT. Okay, that Warehouse backpack again… This time clearly visible and without any unwanted blurry effect! I’m really proud 🙂 I wore this darling with a dress that I had an eye on for some time now. Not in a shop or online but on the clothing rack of my flatmate. After a little clothing swap, I am the proud owner of this long sweater/knit dress that I can make lots and lots of combinations with.

I wonder how many months in a row I can sport these ankle boots before needing new soles. They are already showing some signs of exhaustion but luckily I like a good patina 😉

monki-dress-warehouse-backpack-3 monki-dress-warehouse-backpack-5 monki-dress-warehouse-backpack-6 monki-dress-warehouse-backpack-8monki-dress-warehouse-backpack-2

dress: Monki (old) – ankle boots: H&M – necklace: H&M – backpack: Warehouse

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