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#114 // Backpacker’s delight

OUTFIT. Although the title might evoke that a backpack is pictured somewhere in this post, this is obviously not the case. Why that? I had planned to show you the backpack I got for my birthday… you know, the way fashion bloggers usually do this: nice outfit, sweet location and of course the coolest backpack ever. I had those things (I think so at least 😀 ) but when I reviewed the trillions of pictures we had taken, most of them were blurred. Not the “Hey, how cool! She’s totally rocking that vintage-y blurred polaroid style” but the “Yeah, that weren’t the right camera settings”-way. My heart broke_____

And I was forced to make something of what I had. After a little crafting hour with Pixelmator this is what came out: a lot of close-ups of my face (and a lesson on what it looks like if you cut your bangs on your own…) and none of the backpack that post is about. I guess we’ll have another try 😉

shirt: COS – jeans: Cheap Monday – long cardigan: Sutherland – necklace: H&M – backpack: Warehouse – shoes: Zara

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  • Love this outfit, and you look so pretty in these photos! I wish I had gotten myself a nice long cardigan like this before winter was over…now I’ll have to wait till next autumn!

    • Lisa_atleast

      Thanks so much! You know what the funny thing about this is? I’ve had this cardigan for 4 years and I never really liked it. I even tried to sell it. But two weeks ago I found it in a box and thought “What was wrong with me?!” 😀

  • Ahaha ich lach mir so einen ab! Du bist absolut genial 😀 Richtig sympatisch mit deiner Geschichte 😀
    Ich heb die Hand und gestehe mich schuldig dass ich ein Backpack erwartet habe.

    • Lisa_atleast

      Ja, beim nächsten Mal gibt’s aber tatsächlich einen Rucksack zu sehen. Versprochen 😉

  • I love love love your long cardigan. It looks incredibly cozy & a fantastic choice for a cool fall afternoon. :] // ☼ ☯

    • Lisa_atleast

      Thanks a lot 🙂 It is indeed 😉

  • christinachan

    Great bang shot xx

    • Lisa_atleast

      Haha, thanks 😀

  • Such a great look! Love the long cardigan!

    Joy. | |

    • Lisa_atleast

      Yes, me too! I’m so happy, I re-discovered it in my closet 😉

  • Nice cardigan! And great location. 😉

    • Lisa_atleast

      Thanks so much 🙂

  • Such a cute, casual look! The pictures are lovely anyway – no worries 🙂


    ♥L’amour De Juliette | Outfit – Fedora

    • Lisa_atleast

      Haha, thanks to the magic of editing 😀

  • Hannah

    Super cosey look! Casual and comfy!
    Love it.

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