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#107 // Bruises

OUTFIT. While editing this post, I noticed the conspicuous big bruises on my legs (I didn’t really know that you could see them through the tights). They are leftovers of a very unpleasant accident while dancing the polonaise at a wedding. I really, really and thoroughly from the bottom of my heart hope that nobody has this on video. Otherwise you’ll just see it on one of those home video TV-shows… (Along with all the other embarrassing video footage that different people were able to collect of me during the last years.) But for now, just the bruises:


blouse: H&M – skirt: H&M – hat: H&M – scarf: unknown – boots: Görtz

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Nachschlag gefällig?

  • Sabrina Skopljak

    Great look, so pretty! 🙂

    Brina xoxo,

  • Patricia

    Wow, love so so much this look!! You are so pretty with the hat!


  • Lisa_atleast

    Oh thanks! I’m actually super jealous that you live in Hawaii 😀

  • ClothesandCamera

    Super schöner Herbstlook 🙂 Ich kann gar nicht sagen, was mir am meisten daran gefällt aber irgendwie stimmt der Look einfach 😀

    • Lisa_atleast

      Danke 😀

  • anoushka

    Such a cute look, I love the scarf! Eessh those bruises look nasty :S

    My Fashion Blog

    • Lisa_atleast

      Haha, yes! But luckily they’ve nearly gone away by now 😉

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