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#106 // About sports

OUTFIT. I’ve never been a sporty girl. All attempts to enthuse me with any physical activities failed miserably during my youth and once I started something sports wise it was destined to end veeeeery quick. (Writing this while eating pizza feels particularly strange 😀 ). You will probably never find any gymselfies of me in my sports bra captioned with “OMG! Just had the best workout ever… Those abs are growing!” on Instagram because I am very glad that my gym membership just ended. Is it bad that the only sports I do is walking in my lunch break (ok, I walk through clothing stores 😉 ) and taking the stairs whenever I can? Sometimes I also go jogging, but that’s more an exception than a rule…

Do you do any workout? 


top: Uniqlo – jeans: H&M – shirt: H&M – sneakers: Adidas ZX 750 – necklace: New Yorker


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