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#105 // Classic

OUTFIT. In this post, I told you about my attempt to invest more into timeless pieces. So I was very happy, when I found this silk blouse at Uniqlo, that’s just got the perfect fit and feel. I’m used to wearing polyester blouses that tend to “stick” to the body after a few hours, which just drives me crazy. But this one is different. It’s sheer and light in the most consummate way – I think I will get myself another one in dark blue with dots. For now, I’m wearing the white version with casual jeans and delicate gold jewelry, although I know it will be also beautiful with a midi skirt, shorts, high waist trousers and probably everything else 😉

blouse: Uniqlo – jeans: H&M – bag: Mango – bracelet: Tom Shot – flats: Zara

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