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    172 | The beginning of summer + Giveaway with Linogija

    When it starts to become warmer outside, things on the blog usually start to slow down a lot. Right before the summer holidays my creativity isn’t at its top level and I also hope that you don’t spend all your time in front of the computer – so please don’t mind the lack of updates over here. Nevertheless, I want to celebrate the beginning of summer with you today! I’ve prepared a fresh look and want to introduce you to a new cool fair fashion label

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    6 Fair Fashion Brands to Keep an Eye On This Summer

    I could start this article with a sentence like this one: “Fair fashion still has a reputation of looking boring and too alternative.” I won’t and I’m a little tired of prejudices like this one and of speaking up for the makers behind fair fashion labels who do incredibly good work. Instead, I’ll introduce you to six ethical brands that let my fashion heart leap for joy when I see their creations online or on Instagram. Have fun 😉

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    Insta Inspo: 7 Fair Fashion and Minimalism Accounts to follow

    I like Instagram. Really. But it can be a little exhausting sometimes – finding the balance between aesthetics and too much perfectionism is quite hard. That’s why I want to introduce you to seven of my favorite Instagram accounts with under 3K Followers today. All of these ladies manage to inspire me with their beautiful pictures and honest thoughts day by day.

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    Upcycling idea: How to make a summer skirt from a dress

    In today’s upcycling DIY post I’m going to show you how to make something new from something old – in less than thirty minutes. I’ll explain how you can turn a dress into a super comfy skirt and even change it’s look with the help of small details.

    I am a sucker for fabric scraps – as you might know. I’ve got a whole bunch of them stored in a bag just waiting for their big moment. Every now and then I want to get rid of the bag and start a new sewing project – although this is mostly not making it so much more empty (obviously ;)).

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