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    Vegan snowflake cookies

    Christmas is the best time for home made cookies for sure! I’ve been working on a pretty delicious Christmas cookie recipe for hessnatur and I can finally show you the outcome. Find out where I’ve been shopping for the ingredients and how to bake these super easy treats yourself over on the hessnatur blog 🙂 (The blogpost is only available in German but I think Google translate will do the trick ;))

    [This post is a collaboration with hessnatur]


    Fair jewelry by Pikfine

    [This post contains sponsored items]

    A couple of years ago, I had a box full of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in all possible shapes, colors and sizes. But with my changing fashion taste, my taste for jewelry adapted as well so I’m opting for quality instead of quantity these days. Everything I own now has – luckily – nothing to do with the two-bugs-a-piece bling that colors your neck green while wearing.

    Today I want to introduce you to a small label that creates pieces that are made to last. Pikfine from Cologne produces leather accessories and fine jewelry – like my new necklace Dot* – that are manufactured entirely in Germany. My fair-fashion-heart also skipped a beat when I learned that the materials used for this necklace are conflict free.

    So just in case you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your mother, sister or best friend – you know what I’d recommend 😉 (The packaging is also very nice ;))

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    Living in a small apartment: How to turn your tiny place into a big paradise

    You might have heard that renting an apartment in Berlin isn’t as cheap as it used to be. Residents from other metropolises will smile while reading this sentence since the rise in lease costs has been a problem in big cities for years. Our small budget (and my greed when it comes to lease costs) have brought us from Mitte to the less expensive (and less central) south of Berlin where we moved into a new smaller apartment three months ago.

    But our 45 square meters are not tiny at all: I love it even more than our old place! The lack of space reminds me to be conscious about my belongings and to not hoard loads of things I don’t need. Since our small oasis is pretty much finished, I wanted to give you a little peek into our new place and share some of my tips for living in a small apartment.

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    174 | An autumn Sunday

    [This post contains sponsored items – find more info in the outfit details]

    Okay, it’s been a while. The last weeks just flew by and I had so much on my agenda that I couldn’t even think about the blog for a second. Today I’m sneaking back in, acting as if nothing has happened to show you this fair fashion autumn look. 

    This outfit – as it could be seen on an autumn Sunday during the last weeks – couldn’t be more me. Nothing complicated but still chic enough to pass as Sunday best. Featured here: A pretty old sweater that had already gone to the „Sell“ box, chelsea boots from fast fashion times, an even older pair of jeans, my beloved second hand camel coat and the round bag by MoiMoi*. 

    And there’s also another item: My new scarf by Lanius. I’ve started the habit of writing a birthday wish list with things I’d like to have for my big day and handing it – more or less inconspicuous – to my family to chose from it. The secret star of this years wish list has been this cosy scarf and I guess my family felt the same. I was so glad when I found it on my birthday table and spent the whole day wrapped up in it.

    Told you – wish lists are so worth it! 😉


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